Meet yourself at the center

I was feeling that I needed a boost of inspiration and insight and a path forward in an area of my work. I remembered that I am blessed to have a full-size outdoor Labyrinth in my neighborhood in Albuquerque. This is thanks to the Presbyterian church that created the beautiful one in the photo above and they keep it open 24-7. So, to tune into what was really going on with me, I walked it three times in one week - one time with a friend and twice by myself including at sunset on the evening of the full moon.

The labyrinth is a mystical archetype and spiritual technology that has appeared in various cultures going back at least 4,000 years. Labyrinths are used for personal, communal, psychological and spiritual transformation, and are also thought to enhance right-brain activity. More and more hospitals and cancer centers are providing labyrinths for their patients and staff as coming into more mindfulness through a labyrinth walk can bring stress release and even help lessen physical and psychological pain.

The structure of a labyrinth is a spiral path leading to the center and back out again, all held within a circle. The circle stands for the oneness and wholeness of life, the spiral represents the individual paths we all must walk within that oneness. The center stands for the axis mundi or cosmic connector that allows for the walker to join their internal center with the center of life itself.  We step into the labyrinth feeling vulnerable and as we walk our heart and body seem to get aligned so that we are ready to receive in the center. The walk out is time to integrate our experience.

Sometimes what I receive when I walk is subtle and sometimes it is accompanied by deep and sudden insights, but I always receive a release from what was troubling my mind.

The wisdom I got in my week of walking is that what I seek to manifest is already knocking at my door but to allow it in I need to fully open my hands and my heart to let it flow. I was constricting the energy in my body and mind out of fear, resisting change rather than trusting I can relax and the very thing I want will be able to flow to me.  As I walked, I felt energy increase in the palms of my hands and my heart was lifted by roadrunners walking across the Labyrinth. It is all happening right now but am I cooperating with life?

Is there something on your mind or heart that feels heavy or you could use a change of perspective? See if there is an indoor or outdoor labyritnh in your area. OR you can download a finger labyrinth here: You trace it with your fingers just as you would walk it and it works.

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