Work Vision GPS: Map it and Go!

The Work Vision GPS program is the only program that gives you all three critical elements you need to make a successful work or career transition: revealing the calling and vision you have for your work and your desired impact on the world in this phase of your life; the mindset and inner game mastery that line you up with your vision; and a road map and tools designed to bring you to the destination of more fulfillment and impact in your work.

Leadership Transformation Day

Focused coaching on one day (with prep and follow-up) supercharges your work journey and is a powerful way to break through on your leadership or business or career vision. You might be experiencing leadership challenges including limiting emotions and beliefs that keep you from going to the next level. Or you need new strategies for inspiring your team. Maybe you just need to re-connect to the vision within and come up with strategies and a clear action plan to live it. You could be feeling the time is right to shift your job or career. You set the agenda for the transformation.

Transformation days are conducted on video call or in-person in Albuquerque, New Mexico (I know you have been wanting to visit the Land of Enchantment!) where I live.

Work Vision GPS for Executives 

Leading an organization that is making a positive difference in the world is multi-faceted and can be challenging. In addition, we as leaders and our organizations are always changing and evolving so being able to shift our focus and expand our leadership capability is crucial. Through the executive coaching process, we will determine your current personal and organizational vision, the leadership skills needed to address and integrate both, and develop a customized plan for you.

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