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Are you a leader called to go to the next level in your work?

When you are inspired to change your work (whether right where you are now or in a new enterprise), you know it.

You feel a longing emerge from deep within. You get excited, even a little restless, just thinking about it. You even find yourself daydreaming about that future work instead of finishing the project on your desk.

You have the desire for change. This is good, right? Yes, you are expanding into more fulfillment and impact in your work.

Yet you also feel frustrated and even stuck. Why? Because you don’t know what steps to take, and you feel too busy with current responsibilities to let your dream out to play.

I have been there myself, more than once. I have been a CEO, a leader in social profit organizations, and a coaching business owner. I made it through the transitions with the help of mentors.

Everyone needs a guide to navigate this journey. My passion is to be that guide, so you fulfill your calling and make your biggest positive impact in the world.


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Satisfaction PhotoTake the free Work Satisfaction Self-Assessment and discover how your relationship with your work is going. Is it a match made in heaven, does it need a little tender loving care, or is it time for a break-up and welcoming something new? The more we can be aware of how things are going in our work and career path, the more we have the freedom to choose our next step from a grounded place, whether that is making things better right where we are or exploring an upgrade.

The Work Satisfaction Self-Assessment assists you with this important self-awareness.

Get it for free now.


Work Vision GPS: Map it and Go!

The Work Vision GPS program is the only program that gives you all three critical elements you need to make a successful work or career transition.

Leadership Transformation Day

Focused coaching on one day (with prep and follow-up) supercharges your work journey and is a powerful way to break through on your leadership or business or career vision.

Work Vision GPS for Executives 

Leading an organization that is making a positive difference in the world is multi-faceted and can be challenging. Through the executive coaching process, we will determine your current personal and organizational vision, the leadership skills needed to address and integrate both, and develop a customized plan for you.


  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    Coaching with Jane Midgley has been an integral component of my success in this phase of my career. She excels at assisting me to connect with my highest vision for what I want to achieve and contribute to the world. In addition, she challenges me to focus on the most strategic actions and to take those actions from a place of believing in myself fully and tapping into my confidence and power. I have gotten so much value from working with Jane that I recommend her to all my friends who want to achieve something in their professional lives.

    Assistant Professor, Northeastern Unoiversity

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “After the birth of my twin boys, I needed to get my new life balanced. A friend introduced me to Jane and from the first session I began to feel a shift. Jane's positivity and insightfulness kept me focused on moving toward my better future. Today, I reflect with amazement at what I have achieved and the realization that Jane knew I could do it before I did.”

    Scientist and Educator (and Diedra is proud to add Wife and Mother)

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “I highly recommend Jane Midgley Coaching to anyone desiring a powerful and successful transition to a new position, business, or work path. She is the perfect guide who gives you the skills, tools, and inner faith to thrive in your dream position. As a new CPA, with the assistance of Jane’s coaching, I was able to transition to working full-time in my own firm and to attract the perfect clients for me. Thank you Jane for helping me to live my best life!”

    Principal CPA, Belnavis Accounting

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “I began to work with Jane because a health crisis caused me to restructure my work/life balance and bring my spiritual practice into alignment with everything else. Through her incredibly uplifting and grounding process I have been able to transform my relationship to work, money, and self-care. I now take much better care of myself and no longer work too much. I love my life and am integrating my spiritual practice into everything I do. I recommend Jane because her work is transformational! She is insightful, skillful, and really attuned to what someone needs. I love the balance of creative expression, spirituality, and practicality in her approach!

    Homeopath and Astrologer

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “Before I met Jane, I was feeling unsatisfied in my work life and wanted to pursue something more aligned to my passions. However, the path to doing that felt unclear. After visioning with Jane, I was able to move toward my dream and interviewed for a management position in the area of law that I care most about -- children's law. I secured the job and Jane helped me navigate the transition time and setting up my new job for success. She taught me that I get to have a high quality of life every day and I use this as a guiding light in working with my staff and planning my own workload. I can't recommend Jane's coaching enough. My life is better because of her guidance.

    Managing Attorney

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “Before I began working with Jane, I felt extremely stuck in an old paradigm and a situation that was draining my energy and producing anxiety about the future. Through the clarity, inspiration, and grounding I received from her coaching and the concrete tools she provided, I regained my strength and vitality. I also claimed self-confidence and self-respect, learned how to do deeper self-care, and now have a high quality of relationships with healthy boundaries. Her Transformation Day process enabled me to tap into the vision for my work and creative expression going forward and she assisted me to embrace my unique talents and strengths at this phase of my life, breaking out of a nine to five mentality to create the life I desire.

  • Jane Midgley Coaching

    “Jane has been an extraordinary resource for both my wife and I as we've set up our own businesses. We get more work done, and enjoy our work more, thanks to Jane. We're incredibly appreciative of Jane’s wisdom and technique and can't recommend her enough.”

    Nudiness Owner and Writer