executive leadership and advancement

Hi - I am Jane Midgley - CEO of Jane Midgley Coaching and I assist leaders, business owners, and executives to realize their dreams and reach their goals.

I have been the CEO of a national organization and I know first hand how rewarding AND hard that can be. I love being a business owner AND I can't do it alone so I get assistance to be the best I can be. I knew that by getting help I would get the courage and support to create momentum and stay on track. It is my passion to be that coach and guide for you. I have been assisting CEOs, leaders, and business owners for over twenty years and I have experience as a leader within many organizations.

Leading an organization or running a business that is making a positive difference in the world is multi-faceted and can be challenging. In addition, we as leaders and our organizations are always changing and evolving so being able to shift our focus and expand our leadership capability is crucial. Through the executive coaching process, we will determine your current personal and organizational vision, the leadership skills needed to address and integrate both, and develop a customized plan for you.

You might be experiencing leadership challenges including limiting emotions and beliefs that keep you from going to the next level. Perhaps your life is stressful and you want to be able to focus more on personal goals and quality of life.  Or you need new ways to maximize the way you work with your team. Maybe you just need to re-connect to the inspiring vision of your unique contribution as a leader that is within you and come up with strategies and a clear action plan to live it. We all are always expanding into the next fulfilling vision for ourselves, our organization or business, and I know that you are getting glimmers of that next phase of your life. 

How much confidence would it give you if you had:

  • Clarity on organizational and personal vision and mission (the heart of success).
  • Addressed gaps in your leadership skills designed to enable you to accomplish your goals at a high level of excellence.
  • Identified the most strategic focuses and actions to align with your leadership and organizational vision.
  • Learned mindset and emotional management techniques that allow you to navigate the difficult parts of being a leader and improve daily quality of life.
  • Created a customized strategic plan that guides your implementation of personal and organizational objectives.

My executive coaching clients have achieved these results from working with me:

  • Started a company after training and certification was complete that is thriving.
  • Learned to address supervision missteps and multiple challenging situations with their employees/team.
  • Developed an inspiring personal leadership mission that informed their strategic focuses for delivering their job and improved communication wiht their boss.
  • Used a clear organizational vision to unite their team behind company objectives and provide more consistent startegic leadership.
  • Started a nonprofit that made their heart sing and filled a deep need in the world.
  • Developed work life balance that vastly improved their quality of life and improved relationships at work as well.
  • Caught a vision for living in a new place that was more fulfilling and developed a plan for switching business and family there.
  • Navigated a toxic work environment while caring for self and serving customers at a high level.
  • Managed multiple businesses with ease.
  • Recovered their health while maintaining a successful business and designed their work week going forward to support maximum health.
  • Created a successful transition plan for their business after losing a partner.

There are two ways that you can get results:

Leadership Transformation Day

This is for you if you have some ideas on where you want to shift and are ready to move forward, yet need clear structure, powerful guidance, and a plan to implement your changes. This is also for you if you need to move forward on something desired in a tight time frame and could benefit from a partner to assist you to achieve your desired outcome.

This process includes focused, customized coaching on one day (or two half days) and supercharges your journey. 

Transformation days are conducted on Zoom or in-person in Albuquerque, New Mexico (I know you have been wanting to visit the Land of Enchantment!) where I live. If you come to New Mexico I will make recommendations to make your visit wonderful.

Delivered on one day or two half days and includes:

  • Coaching session on Zoom to identify the focuses and the desired outcomes.
  • Facilitated coaching with tools and resources during one day or two half days.
  • A follow-up coaching session to fine tune learnings and implementation from the Leadership Transformation Day.
  • Tools, resources, and templates, and structured plan for continued implementation.

The option to continue in month to month coaching to continue learning and implementation is available.

$3,000 with convenient payment plan available.

Feel like this might be a fit for you? Fill out the form when you hit the Apply Now button, answer a few questions, I will review your answers and be in touch to chat. 



Visionary Leader VIP Coaching

This is for you if you need to create or revisit your vision for your leadership, organization, or business; develop strategies and implement a plan for the changes you want to see; learn new leadership skills; and get guidance and feedback all along the way. Includes assessment and 

Delivered in six months of customized coaching and includes:

  • Three coaching sessions on Zoom per month over six months. Zoom check-ins as needed.
  • Signature visioning process developed by Jane, assessment of strengths and challenges, mindset and management tools and skills upgrade, customized strategic plan, and coaching and personalized guidance and feedback in successfully delivering your goals and strategies.
  • Unlimited email.
  • Tools, resources, and templates for use during our process and to take forward with you.

I am also happy to discuss a customized plan that meets your needs. 

$7,900 with convenient monthly payment plan available.

Think this might be a fit for you? Fill out the form when you hit the Apply Now button, answer a few questions, I will review your answers and be in touch to chat.