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Out with the Old, In with the New

We are now in that delicious time of darkness and more time indoors. This can also be a beautiful time of going deep within ourselves to discover what we are longing for and wanting to create as the cycle turns soon to more light and a new year. The winter solstice on December 21 and the days leading up to it and after is the perfect time to discern what your inner wisdom is revealing about the coming year of 2024.

We are co-creators with the life energy that powers everything. As we declare what we want to experience in our life, we participate in this creative process from a place of power.

When you have some quiet time, ask yourself these questions and record your answers and musings in a journal or notebook.

  1. What are three things I achieved or experienced in 2023 that made me happy? These may not be what you expected to achieve or experience so really tune in to what makes your heart sing about what happened in 2023. Notice how much of these achievements or experiences had to do with your efforts and determination, how much was due to a flow with other people. and how much was due to unexpected grace.
  2. What is one thing I want to release and not bring into 2024? This might be a limiting belief, a draining habit, or a perspective on a relationship or situaton that no longer serves you. Imagine carryng it down to a river, placing it in the water, and watching it float away.
  3. What are three intentions I want to set for 2024? An intention is something you commit to take purposeful action towards. State your intention in one sentence; describe the end result of the intention as if it was happening now; and include the emotions and qualities you want to feel and experience as you move toward and end up in your intention such as Love, Joy, Peace, Flow, Power, Community, Confidence, Unity.
  4. Where will my faith be in 2024? Is my faith in the power of love, service, beauty, inclusion, and harmony? Or is it in fear, separation, discord, worst case scenarios? It seems odd, but we can unconsciously be energizing the things we say we dislike by putting a lot of our energy in focusing on those things and dwelling in frustration about what is happening. We are living in a world that is facing unprecedented climate challenges, wars, a potentially world changing election in 2024, and disturbing divisions in our political and communal life. This can be discouraging, scary, and feel overwhelming for sure and a lot of people are struggling understandably with anxiety. But we only have control over our thoughts, what we focus our time and energy on, how we show up, and how we respond to what is happening. Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” This is true in large and small things.

Put a heading on a piece of paper “My Faith in 2024” and list the things you are grateful for. This can include friends, family, neighbors, therapist, church or community groups, organizations working for positive social change, animals, your favorite spaces in nature, your ancestors or spiritual guides. You can have faith in a quality of the good in life like Love and Community. Put your faith and energy into these. Some have said that community is the only true security and the more we participate in creating and maintaining community around us the stronger we are.

When you feel fear, anxiety or upset, review the list, and energize your faith not your fear.

Re-connect with your intentions and sources of faith regularly and let them inspire your actions in 2024. 

Happy solstice and the return of the light and whatever holidays and traditions you celebrate.

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