This is the Way at Work

Love letter

I am a Star Wars fan, so I am watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. There are some really intriguing things happening in season three, including Grogu (baby Yoda) having his own pint-sized viewing bubble inside Mando’s starship. But one thing that stays the same is the way the traditional Mandalorian express their ideals and creed: This is the Way. One of the most visible parts of this creed is to not take one’s helmet off (except when alone). The helmet is a symbol of the strength and courage of the warrior as well as the purity of intention and readiness.  

Our lives can’t be reduced to short sayings and definite prescriptions, but sometimes there is a simplicity to what will make our life great and if we lean into it the rewards are exponential for ourselves and others. In regard to the work and creative expression we do in the world, this simplicity all comes down to love.

Love is the greatest power in the universe and is always the deepest answer to any question. 

It all starts with self-love - loving yourself enough to embrace that gorgeous inner pattern of skills, impulses, passions, and desires that is uniquely yours and bringing it out to serve the world. This self-love includes valuing yourself enough to give yourself what you want to do in your work, what brings you joy.

Often people tell me they don’t know what their purpose is, so they aren’t doing what they love or loving what they are doing for money. I suggest adopting as your purpose to become a master of love. This means loving and accepting yourself wherever you are in your work journey, pouring love over everyone you work with and for, and bringing love to any conflict at work. This doesn’t mean not setting needed boundaries or speaking your truth, but doing whatever you do from compassion and love of life, knowing each person is always doing the best they can. 

You don’t need to get a new position or leave your current work or figure out a new path if you are unhappy in your current work or with what you are earning or learning to become a master of love.

Just begin and you will see undreamed of change within yourself and your situation. 

Here is a way to begin:

1. Say to yourself: My purpose is to shine Love everywhere I go – to become a Master of Love! 

And this means for my work (write whatever comes up) 

2. Love of self:

Put your hands over your heart and say “I love you (your name)" and this means for my work (write whatever comes up)

3. Love practice/spiritual practices that open you to the love of life itself or the divine that is within you and all people: 

What are some things you can do regularly to open your heart? (ideas: prayer, meditation, saying your purpose every day, connection with nature, being around loving people…what works for you?) 



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