Ground Yourself - Your work is Essential!

White lotus

As I write this, we are about to experience a powerful lunar eclipse (a blood moon in this case) and the midterm elections in the United States of America. Both events affect us because we are energetically connected to nature and to the energy dynamics of our country. A lunar eclipse can represent an ending of some kind in our life but also provides an opportunity for transformation and evolution. We are going to be feeling the effects from the eclipse and the midterms for a while and it is a perfect time to commit to getting and staying as grounded as we can so that our contribution to the whole can be as powerful as possible.

We are all needed at this time to show up and give our gifts.

We are powerful co-creators with the universe and what we do affects the direction things move in our life and in our country. Once we get past the eclipse and the midterms, there will be more events and shifts happening around us that affect us. As stewards of our own life, we are called to get grounded in our own energy so that we can bring our unique gifts, talents, and passions to bless the world. We will naturally flow into a fuller expression of what we bring to our work if we remove what is draining our ability to get grounded.

Ask yourself: what brings my energy down and how do those things impact my work? 

As we notice how certain experiences and energies are affecting us, we can choose how to interact with them, and identify which ones are priorities for us to address. Why is this important? Negative energy, whatever that is for us, drains us and makes it harder to stay healthy physically and to focus on our priorities in work and life. In addition, our body knows how to heal itself from imbalance but can get off track if its energy is drained by low-level vibrations. I discovered this when I worked in a hospital for a time, even though I wasn't working in patient care. I found it hard to concentrate often throughout the day and found that by the end of the workday I felt drained and weak. This was the way that the many intense activities and human emotions that were constant in the hospital affected me, but you will have your own version

Repeatedly checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or email on our phone can be draining as well and rob us of our creativity. For some, watching the news may be draining because of the angry, polarized, and provocative way that the news is often presented. This isn't about putting your head in the sand and not caring about the profound and important things going on in our world, and of course you will decide how you want to respond to what is happening. But you are choosing what to consume and only you know what to eliminate or cut down on, and what things that uplift you can be expanded.

If one of your co-workers or employees is struggling with or constantly expressing a negative or victim outlook on life, you may be taking that on even unconsciously. If you are a healing and serving professional, your clients or patients may be bringing hard issues to you that drain you emotionally and physically without you really noticing or realizing the struggle these issues set up within you. Notice how you feel in the presence of certain people and if it is an energetic drain, set an intention to protect yourself in a way that lets you be in their presence (if you need to be) and stay in your own power.

In addition to doing an inventory of what drains you and what energizes you, I recommend this meditation as one way to support yourself by setting up protection from negative energy. It can be done in a few moments, or you can take longer with it. I recommend you do this each workday and whenever needed. However many times a week you do it, it will help you to show up and make your highest work contribution.

  • Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.
  • Put your hands over your heart and breathe deeply into your heart center for a few moments.
  • Now imagine that you are stepping into a beautiful yellow lotus flower. As you step into the center, the petals gently close around you and it feels wonderful.
  • You are now surrounded by a golden egg of strength and protection. Feel it radiating golden energy throughout your body/mind/spirit. Say this: “I am now surrounded by a golden egg of strength and protection. Only positive, nourishing energy gets in.”
  • You have now created a boundary. All you need to do is remember the golden egg to continue to be fed by it.



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