Visualize Your Way to More Happiness at Work


I don’t know about you, but I say bring on more happiness at work! We spend so much of our time doing whatever we do for a living or whatever we define as our work even if it isn’t connected to income or wealth generation that we might as well enjoy it to the max.

When we do have more happiness at work it positively affects our co-workers, our customers or clients, enhances the well-being of all, and gifts us with a higher quality of life.

This is because we are one with the one life, or the universe, or the quantum energy field, whatever you want to call it, and our energy affects the whole field at the exact same time as it affects our life.  We have free will and we get to choose whether we want to affect the field with uplifting and joy-filled energy or with worry, stress, and beliefs that work is hard and filled with suffering or just getting by with “it’s ok.”

But often it is easier said than done to be positive and believe that our life can move in the direction of our dreams. This is true for lots of different reasons and situations and things we may be going through so what helps is to have some practices in our back pocket to help us. One of those is visualization, whose formal definition is forming mental images of the future we desire but also can incorporate emotions and sensations. (Vision differs from visualization in that vision is downloading information and inspiration from your higher consciousness and uses your intuition whereas visualization is consciously directing your mind to be aware of an end goal you have in mind.)

To create more happiness at work we can visualize the outcome we would like to have happen (in say a meeting with our team or a client or in a presentation we have coming up) as if it was happening now and surround it with confidence and good-feeling emotions.

This process is similar to an athlete picturing every move they will make down the ski hill or on the track. This engages the wholeness of the brain by integrating the right brain and the left brain and pre-paving the road we are walking on. When we do this, we are showing up as a powerful creator of our future path (rather than just being reactive) and purposefully affecting the future.

Visualization isn’t about things going exactly as we envision them (although that happens sometimes) but about the energy of the experience we want to have and preparing ourselves to show up to the event in our power and confidence. No worries if you don’t feel that you get visual images, just tune into the feeling tone of what you want (use all your senses) and let it expand through your body.

There is some debate about whether visualization can be de-motivating because you might think you have already achieved what you are visualizing, but the key is to not think it takes the place of purposeful action. You still take action, do your preparation, build relationships, act with integrity, AND visualize repeatedly the end result of what you want as if it had already happened. In addition, doing the visualization without attachment to exactly how it will unfold is good too, allowing things to unfold in better or different ways than you can imagine while feeling good about who you are in all of it. Give it a try and see if it is a tool you want to keep in your toolbox.

There are lots of tools that can help you visualize (although just seeing it and feeling it repeatedly in your mind’s eye is fantastic), but there are also vision boards (physical or digital) and mind movies or slide shows with music that enhance your capacity to do this.

Here are some resources:


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