Work Vision GPS: Map It and Go!

Live Your True Visionary Career that Lights You Up and Transforms the World 

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Get Clarity and a Path Forward on the Career, Business, or Position Change You Have Been Desiring 

Even if you are happy where you are now this program reveals the highest vision and action plan for your next phase 

The Work Vision GPS: Map It and Go! program is the only program that gives you all three critical elements you need to make a successful work or career transition: 

Critical Element One: 

Tap into your inner wisdom to reveal the calling and vision you have for your work and your desired impact on the world in this phase of your life 

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Critical Element Two: 

Line up with your vision by overcoming limiting mindset patterns and emotional roadblocks, and create new supportive beliefs  

Critical Element Three: 

Create a customized road map and take powerful action steps that deliver you to your dream work life that is in sync with the overall quality of life you desire 

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Module 1: Awareness and Love 

Tune into your GPS starting point – what is your relationship to your work now, what do you love to do (skills and passions you love to express) and whom do you most love to serve, and what is your inner template about work as you embark on this journey toward your dream? Learn powerful tools for improving your day-to-day experience as a strong foundation for this journey.

Module 2: Vision 

Set your GPS destination - Tap into your inner divine wisdom which has all the information about what is next for you and what will make your heart sing in this phase of your life. Develop a template of your dream career including the financial success and prosperity you desire and use tools to bring your vision to life and get behind the vision emotionally and mentally. 

Module 3: Clarity and Action 

Learn effective strategies for operationalizing your vision, moving into alignment with your dream career, and take powerful action to arrive at your destination. Set purposeful intentions in alignment with your vision that supercharge your journey. Get all the elements and processes of a job search or next steps in creation of a business in order to make the biggest impact. 

Module 4: Living the Work Vision 

Manage your transition to a new position, upgraded business, or career with tools designed to keep you organized and in balance with your whole life. Learn to work with universal energy to keep you in the flow. Create a mission statement that reflects who you are in this new work life and identify and address areas of growth for your leadership.


1. Comprehensive Instruction and Materials: 

Sixteen Lessons with video instruction from Jane, written directions, and downloadable exercises in each lesson. In addition, recorded and downloadable guided meditations are provided for certain lessons. You receive the content for each lesson week by week, so do the lessons at a time that works for you, and you keep your access.

2. Live Coaching and Peer Support: 

Eight live group coaching calls on Zoom with Jane where you bring your questions and insights and receive feedback and coaching. These calls are also a wonderful time to make connections with your peers - the other participants in the program. These sessions are recorded for later viewing as needed.

3. Program Forum: 

Access to a forum for you to confidentially share wins, insights, and challenges as you go through the program. You can also give and get feedback and acknowledgment from other program participants and ask questions of Jane and receive her response and guidance. 


What Others Are Saying About Your Coach

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  • Coaching with Jane Midgley has been an integral component of my success in this phase of my career. She excels at assisting me to connect with my highest vision for what I want to achieve and contribute to the world. In addition, she challenges me to focus on the most strategic actions and to take those actions from a place of believing in myself fully and tapping into my confidence and power. I have gotten so much value from working with Jane that I recommended her to all my friends who want to achieve something in their professional lives.

    Mona Minkara

  • I highly recommend Jane Midgley Coaching to anyone desiring a powerful and successful transition to a new position, business, or work path. She is the perfect guide who gives you the skills, tools, and inner faith to thrive in your dream position. As a new CPA, with the assistance of Jane’s coaching, I was able to transition to working full-time in my own firm and to attract the perfect clients for me.  

    Shawna-Kaye Hunter

  • I began to work with Jane because a health crisis caused me to restructure my work/life balance and bring my spiritual practice into alignment with everything elseThrough her incredibly uplifting and grounding process I have been able to transform my relationship to work, money, and self-careI now take much better care of myself and no longer work too much. I recommend Jane because her work is transformational!   

    Pat Maher

  • Before I met Jane, I was feeling unsatisfied in my work life and wanted to pursue something more aligned to my passions. However, the path to doing that felt unclear. After visioning with Jane, I was able to move toward my dream and interviewed for a management position in the area of law that I care most about. I secured the job and Jane helped me navigate the transition time and setting up my new job for success.  

    Kirsten Dick

  • Jane has been an extraordinary resource for both my wife and I as we've set up our own businesses. We get more work done, and enjoy our work more, thanks to Jane. We're incredibly appreciative of Jane’s wisdom and technique and can't recommend her enough.

    Evan Sagerman

  • Before I began working with Jane, I felt extremely stuck in an old paradigm and a situation that was draining my energy and producing anxiety about the future. Through the clarity, inspiration, and grounding I received from her coaching and the concrete tools she provided, I regained my strength and vitality. I also claimed self-confidence and self-respect, learned how to do deeper self-care, and now have a high quality of relationships with healthy boundaries. Her Transformation Day process enabled me to tap into the vision for my work and creative expression going forward and she assisted me to embrace my unique talents and strengths at this phase of my life, breaking out of a nine to five mentality to create the life I desire.


    Scherazade King

  • I am a business owner in the process of reimagining and transitioning my business. Jane's expert coaching has been essential in my process of getting clear on vision and strategy. She has been instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges and opportunities of this critical time for me and my business. I highly recommend her as a business and leadership coach. 

    Bette Smith


ABOUT Your Program Creator and Coach

Hi! I’m Jane Midgley, CEO of Jane Midgley Coaching and a Leadership and Career Coach

I assist leaders to get to and live in the sweet spot of work they love and making a deep impact on the world. I support you to shine as the visionary leader you truly are, so that you are happy in your work and get the results you desire. My vision is that every person loves their work and I know that is also the way to a better life for all. 

I have been a leadership and career coach for over twenty years. I navigated through multiple work transitions myself and I know how challenging it can feel to say yes to those inner nudges for change. My path has included being CEO of a national organization, a manager and leader in social profit organizations, and a coaching business owner. I made it through the transitions with the help of mentors and coaches.

I developed the Work Vision GPS: Map It and Go! program based on my years of experience working with executives, leaders, and business owners from all walks of life. It is my passion to share with you proven ways of assisting you to use your own inner wisdom to supercharge your journey into more fulfillment and impact in your work. 

Work Vision GPS: Map It and Go!

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